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Black-led organisations given one-on-one support in six month programme


organisations in direct contact with senior policy leaders


of the award winning BLACHIR Report embodying 100% black voice


of organisations secured contracts following their involvement in BLACHIR

Leading social change for Black communities

Championing the growth of a thriving Black Third Sector, empowering leaders, and communities, driving systemic change, and influencing policy locally and nationally.

Black teacher and student having positive conversation

Kinaraa is a dynamic, Black-led infrastructure organisation based in Lewisham, which boasts the largest Black population in the UK.

Kinaraa is uniquely positioned to deliver asset-based solutions that empower the local community to design and sustain solutions that only they can.


With our expertise, cultural competence, lived experience and deep knowledge and understanding of Lewisham over 30 years, we effectively undertake initiatives in a way that mainstream organisations are not able to do.  We are dedicated to local empowerment and leadership and committed to innovation and enabling system leaders to eliminate the root causes of health disparities and equitable life chances for the Borough’s Black residents.

We pursue this by providing essential services for Black-led organisations and fostering the strategic and financial growth of their leaders.

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